Friday, August 16, 2013 - Hilton Rosemont / Chicago O'Hare, IL

Research is critical for advancing Upper Cervical in the world today.

Fusion 2013 will be held at the Hilton Rosemont Hotel

The good news: Over the last 10 years there has been notable advances in this area. Yet research is still desperately needed to validate and advance Upper Cervical.

Fusion, working in conjunction with the ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care (CUCC), ( strives to advance UC Care through technique and research. This year's Fusion focuses on historical research and current research efforts.

Also - Information will be available for each attendee on how you can participate in advancing Upper Cervical research. Be part of the UC Revolution - Register for Fusion Today!

The Fusion 2013 conference is being held on Friday, August 16th at the Hilton Rosemont outside of Chicago's O'Hare International airport. The conference is a one-day, powerhouse event starting at 8:00am and concluding at 9:30pm. With presentations from extraordinary chiropractic professionals, this is a conference you won't want to miss.

The Fusion 2013 conference
is being held at the Hilton Rosemont outside of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Friday, August 16th.

Fast Paced / Focused Format

All presentations at this year's Fusion will be one-hour presentations teaching on research
or a key technical component of the technique.


This year's Fusion conference takes place the Friday before an UC Diplomate teaching weekend.
The Upper Cervical Diplomate Program is taking UC to the next level.
(Special discount available for Diplomate Students.)


With instruction in most of the major UC techniques - Enjoy learning what new research is being
conducted within each group, and expand your knowledge base! Techniques presented at
this year's Fusion include NUCCA, Blair, Advanced Orthogonal,
Knee Chest, Orthospinology, and Grostic.


An overview of current, and recent advances in UC Research will be presented. Materials will be
made available to help practitioners conduct case studies in their own practice.